Xbox original freez on boot (Video)

Hi guys! My xbox original stopped turning on ... it had firmware (honestly, I don’t know which one, I don’t really understand this, I bought the console already with it). Everything was fine, I played it, downloaded games, everything was super. The last time I threw some game on the console from the computer. She did not turn on and I decided to score on her, I played something else. The next day, when the console was turned on, the splash screen went on, it completely ends with the xbox inscription, then the screen becomes less bright and everything freezes on this ... every time the splash screen is played to the end and after that the screen glows a little less, not so much as not to see the xbox inscription ... tell me what could be the problem? p.s. discs work, games run.

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@briwly Can you follow the Xbox Motherboard Replacement guide up to step 12, then take a photo/photos of the motherboard and upload them here? Adding images to an existing question


@andrewsawesome I tried to put back my old hard drive that was in the xbox initially (before the firmware). xbox started ... but I need to start with a hard drive where the firmware is.


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