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The Lenovo Tab E8 is an 8 inch tablet with 1/2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage with an MicroSD card slot. It's Wi-Fi only and runs Android 7.0. The E8 has an 1280 x 800 that is 8 inches in size.

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How to Fix Tab E8 charging port only working at an angle if lucky?

My Lenovo Tab E8's charging port only gives charge to the battery at an angle, but only sometimes. I've tried many times using different chargers to no luck. I want to avoid changing the charging port at all costs but I am 99.999% sure the charging port is broken.

The reason the charger port is probably broken though is the fact the Tab E8 used to be my sister's and she stopped using it before she got her Samsung Galaxy A03s, and after she got the phone, she just gave it to me. I do know how to pop off the back though (basically like the Lenovo Tab 4 8).

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Hi @nostalgiastuff

You may be lucky and find that the micro USB connector is only loose from the systemboard i.e. needs to be resoldered, and not that it has to be replaced.

If it is just loose (or even if it has to be replaced), the systemboard will have to be removed from the tablet so that this can be done.

You will need to have smd soldering skills and tools to do the repair

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the tablet that may help.

It shows how to open the tablet so that you can first check if the port is loose or damaged and then describes the procedure to remove the systemboard.

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