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Cardo Systems motorcycle bluetooth headsets: Packtalk, Smartpack, Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Black

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Replacement USB connector P/N on PCB?

As with many other users I have a Packtalk Bold out of warranty with a bad USB connector. It works if the cable is held pressed up or down. Many have had solder failures but not this one, I need a new connector but studying images and footprints at Mouser and DigiKey has failed to ID a likely candidate.

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Did anybody ever find a solution to this problem


The YouTube link shows someone doing it, not someone willing to share the P/N.


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Block Image

is standard micro usb, but many Times on this model is the PCB lines missing, then need make jumper.

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There is a good Youtube video on this process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLr-Keiv...

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Meh. My question is, “what is the part number of the usb socket?” The YouTube video and poster refuses to share his secret.

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The UK company that made the YouTube video (enquiries@ubermicro.co.uk) did offer to sell me one for for £5 plus postage in email.

Didn't take them up on it because I don't have the microsolder tools, but might be worth it if you can't find them elsewhere?


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