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Repair guides for DJI's 3rd lightweight mini drone. The DJI Mini 3 Pro was released in May 2022. Model number: CP.MA.00000488.01.

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Can anyone recommended repair service?

Ive purchased the tools needed to open up my drone after the gimbal was detached from one end. I've found the broken part...but I'm afraid I don't have the hands or eyes to to the work myself. Can anyone recommended repair service? I see a lot of companies out there, just wondering if anyone has used any of them.

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@chadloucks like @jayeff said, we usually do not make any recommendations, unless we know that they provide a solid/good service. Most recommendations are very subjective and based on a few personal experiences. Like anything else, it may work for some but not for all. Now, when you do get a recommendation,make sure that the person that does the recommending, is a trustworthy member of this forum and is not focused on their own "business". That's where the Spam comes in. You will find a lot of "users" recommending their own business etc. We like Answers to stay neat, clean, friendly and honest. Just one person helping another, without ulterior motives. Anyhow, just a blah blah blah about the why. Not anything negative, just so you understand why we are so hesitant with this.


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Hi @chadloucks,

Recommendations are usually frowned upon on ifixit as it may be misconstrued as spam by the iRobot spam filter and deleted

This is a worldwide forum and since you haven't provided a location it will be hard to provide a suitable answer.


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Thanks @jayeff , I totally get that. I'm in Little Rock Arkansas so I was kinda assuming I'm shipping the thing off...I understand that recommendations would be frowned upon. In fact I would guess that most here are doing their own repairs. I just don't have the hands for this kind of micro work.


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@chadloucks looks like this place is in greenbrier if thats any good to you. https://www.fastdronerepair.com/contact-...

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