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The Toyota Matrix (officially called the Toyota Corolla Matrix and not to be confused with the Hyundai Matrix) is a compact hatchback manufactured by Toyota and derived from the Toyota Corolla.

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My transmission stopped engaging at a stoplight

03 Toyota Matrix slight trans leakage until I stopped at a light and was barely able to limp drive it off the road. Towed home , found and fixed a loose hose from the top, added 1gal trans fluid, started vehicle, hose repair fine, put into gear and easily a quart gushed out in a thick stream before engine off and back into park. The pan is dry all the way around, and a small drip continued from up higher and in between trans pan and oil pan. My question is of course, what the hey is located in that area that can release that much fluid at once? Thank you for any advice on this matter.

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I'm guessing that why it didn't move at light was due to very low fluid due to leak. Now, if you have the owners manual, under specifications you'll find the transmission fluid capacity. One gallon is I'm sure way to much and it pushed it out a vent or something. Also look up how to check the fluid. Not all are the same procedure (but close).

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