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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 folding Android smartphone, released in August of 2021.

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When I flip open my phone the screen is black

When i flip my phone open some time the screen doesn't light up although i can feel the vibration of touching and pressing on apps ... is there a fix beside replacing all my screen ?

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Only way to fix an issue like that is replace the screen.

Unfortunately foldable phones are nothing more than an expensive fad, designed to get us to spend even more money on a device with a much higher rate of failure, thus require more rapid replacement. Don't get me wrong, I think it's one of the coolest things we've done with phones. I think it's really cool we made a foldable display. But they're not meant to last. I don't care how many folds they say it's supposed to last. If that were the case they would back up that statement with some sort of guarantee.

If you care about your information stored on the device such as pictures and contacts, get them backed up. Enable USB debugging mode and connect it to one or two trusted computers or back it up to a cloud service, so if and when that screen finally fails, you can still get your information without having to replace the expensive screen. Check all of your two factor authorization methods too. Make sure you have multiple ways to get into your accounts should that device no longer be a viable option. Also be prepared to either repair the screen or replace the device because that screen will stop working soon.

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My phone screen is black

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Try this. Select Recent from drop down instead or Recomended. Nothing else I found on the web works.


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