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Repair and troubleshooting information for GE brand dishwashers.

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will a bad timer keep spray arms from rotating and spraying water?


I have a gsd2100v50bb dishwasher (ge). I started the dishwasher at night before I went to bed. The next morning it was still running.... The timer didn't advance all the way. I then tried to turn the dial a few times, and decided to try it again while watching it.. Water came into the unit. It waited a short while, then the water was drained. The arms never went around, water was never sprayed out. The timer moved at first, but it did get stuck later on. I think that probably means that the circulation pumb is bad as wellas the timer. I just wanted to know, if the timer not working could be the culprit and how do I tell. I would replace the timer, but not the timer and circulation pumb.( That's too much money for this older dishwasher). I prefer this dishwasher over a new one, as it is not all electronic...Thank you.

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Hi @karen55071

It is the circulation pump, pumping water through the spray arms that causes them to rotate, but the timer controls the power to the circulation pump so it could be the timer.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it or know someone who does and they will help you, here's the mini manual (aka service manual) for the dishwasher that will help you to find the problem.

On p.2 of the manual it describes how to check the motor, the timer, the push button switches and the heater.

It also has the wiring diagram so you will know the electrical resistance values of the components so that when you measure them using an Ohmmeter (function found in a DMM), you will know whether they're good or not.

Here's a link to a parts supplier for the dishwasher that may also help.

The idea is if you find a part that is faulty, use the parts supplier link to find the manufacturer's part number for the part e.g. dishwasher timer is part # WD21X10474 and then search online using the part number only to find suppliers (examples only) that suit you best.

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