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Information and repair instructions for Electrolux Freezer

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Intergral LED thermometer false reading but freezer still works

My Electrolux EU2117C freezer has its own thermometer in the form of six green LED's. They should indicate a temperature in range -13C to -26C. The more lights the colder. However no lit led's are showing suggesting it's warmer that -13C. However, I put in a temporary LCD thermometer and it shows all is well at -18C.

Can I repair the original integrated thermometer as this has an alarm (which I had to disconnect) and a red warning led (which is continuously on). The thermometer module also has a lit green LED to show power is on.

Curiously, after a (manual) defrost, two of the green temperature led's do light up on cooling down, but then go off again!

Update (04/22/23)

Thanks Jayeff. The compressor does not run all the time, ie the thermostat seems to be working well, it's only the temperature display that's the problem.

My temperature board (Ispracontrol's 08035019) is very similar to the one you found but not exactly the same.

The board shows no burnt-out components, no trace corrosion, no bulging caps, no heat discolouration, no cracked solder. Without a circuit diagram not really sure want to test, other than testing the discrete components.

Block Image

Block Image

Shows images of my malfunctioning temperature control board.

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@dce Do you know where the thermocouple that the thermometer connects to is?


@andrewsawesome Hi,

The thermocouple is about half way up at the back.


@dce Do you have a multimeter?


Hi, yes I do have a multimeter


@dce Put your meter to resistance. How many ohms of resistance does the thermocouple have? Now try to warm the thermocouple up. Does the resistance change?


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Hi @dce

Here's the EU 7117C parts list which may help.

I realize that this is not your model, but on p.3 it has a wiring diagram and I'm hoping that your model will be very close or perhaps even the same.

Worth a look anyway I think.

Does the compressor run all the time trying to get to the set temp?

If not it may just be a problem with the temperature board (electrolux part #205 72 37-22/0) The example is for the model I linked and presumably not yours although you could check if there's a part number on the board.

If the freezer is operating OK, then maybe check for obvious problems on the temp board e.g. temp board power supply value, heat stressed or burnt out components etc

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If an Integral LED thermometer is displaying false readings but the freezer still functions properly, it could be due to a calibration issue or a malfunction in the thermometer itself. To troubleshoot, first, ensure that the thermometer is correctly calibrated and placed in an appropriate location within the freezer. If the issue persists, it might be a malfunction in the thermometer's sensor or circuitry. In such cases, consider replacing the refrigeration thermometer to ensure accurate temperature monitoring for your freezer.

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