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How long will Rosetta 2 be supported?

I am working on my Apple Silicon transition, and there are a few pieces of troubled hardware I need to rely on Rosetta 2 with -- thankfully it's minor, but the "troubled, can't replace it" list is rough, to put it nicely.

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For Silhouette Studio, there's no clear answer on what to do and the Cameo 3 I have doesn't have the BT module to run it on an iPad (optional, used discount). They have given me zero help besides "install Rosetta" -- THIS IS APPLE, ROSETTA IS A BRIDGE; NOT A CRUTCH. I know we got screwed on PPC>Intel, but we know that was due to IBM dropping the product Apple used.

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I have a partial fix for the Silhouette cutter, but it works. Absolutely not happy about how I had to attack this one, but even if I bought a Cameo 4 Plus to match my 15" Cameo 3 the software would still be broken. Gah...

Anyway, the solution for these newer Macs is to purchase SCAL, either base 6 or 6 Pro; I went with 6: SCAL purchase page

They need to update this 1st party software, but at least if you're going to throw $2k+ on a new Mac $60 is a nuisance.

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Considering that the original Rosetta (PPC to Intel) was supported for five years, Rosetta 2 may follow the same path. But as of now, no one knows how long it will last.

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What’s stupid about this is that “see notes” list only has one fatal annotation - the one I screenshot and noted as the PITA. I swear if I need to resort to a $5 cheeseburger bribe to get someone to get me some critical testing time on a Silicon Mac I need it to check the binary.

The test of it is literally “redundant” notations.


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