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Auto Brightness and True tone not working after display swap

I have an iPhone 13 Pro, and i replaced the screen with an original pulled from a working phone, the Display IC was transferred/soldered to the new screen and i was able to remove the (Unknown part message), but the True Tone and Auto Brightness function doesn't seem to work.

Is there a way to reactivate this features?

  • No Unknown Part message
  • Face ID works
  • All other parts are OEM, except screen (Display IC was soldered to new original pulled screen)


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Ok, this what happen, even swapping both the IC’s and reprogramming the screen the functionality keeps being disabled. And for what I found online with different repairing videos. Apple disable this functionality and only will get it fixed if you buy the screen directly from their repair program. Bummer

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Hi Robert,

This sounds like the typical case where the new screen has to be programmed with the MtSN from the old screen. I realize you did the Display IC swap, but I'm curious as to whether that's where the MtSN is stored or if there's somewhere else on the display that holds it.

Couldn't hurt to give it a try; I have no idea whether you can still read it off the original screen without the Display IC, but of course you can always pull it directly from the phone with either JCIDRepair or 3uTools.

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From what I’ve experienced, this problem happens when you replace the screen with no reprogramming or IC swap. On iPhones older than the iPhone 11, you can reprogram the display however on the new ones, you need to swap the display IC. You said though that it was swapped which is a bit odd. You seemed to do all the steps required to regain those features. I suggest that you try getting a reprogramming tool and try that. If that doesn’t work, maybe reball the screen IC.

I hope that helps!

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Possible the chips not soldered on correctly


You can't re-program, or program those chips (original) because is locked. You can only read the encrypted data from it.

The problem is not on reball or bad solder. There is something else that can't transferred or read and no one knows what is it.


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