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A 320GB 3.5" SATA Hard Drive released by Western Digital.

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How to decrypt encrypted hard drive if the password is forgotten?

1.5 tera bites hard drive is encrypted by "storagecrypt" free software ,i forgot the password, is there a way to decrypt it?

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Not likely☹️

Without the key you would need someone with the gear to do a brute force attack running through the trillions of possible combinations. Maybe is four or five years they will be lucky to hit it!

Best to try to remember and see if you wrote it down somewhere.

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.plz.what is the details of needed gear to do a brute force attack


@shamilsoola Probably want to start out with a Cray supercomputer. Or give it about 10 years or so and fire up a quantum computer.


Uhhh.... Basically what @danj said. If encrypted with anything longer than a 10 digit password, you are basically out of luck. It becomes impossible to brute force, even for experts, after 12-14 characters.

Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/26298/tim...


@duckmcquack - Yep! Not so easy to break when you use the best password!


@shamilsoola - The cost of the gear and/or getting someone to do it is very expensive! There is less then a dozen companies worldwide that could do it at over a thousand dollars an hour.


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Depending on the form of encryption and the age of the encryption there MAY be a way to reset it with security questions or a similar means. But still, many encryption software tools that had it either dropped it, only supported it on old encryptions and any new one is one-way without recovery (if the recovery is user performed), or never had it to begin with like VeraCrypt/TrueCrypt out of principle because of Steve Gibson.

You will most likely need to format the drive, especially if it's from 2015 or up; around this time Apple vs FBI case played out and because of the courts trying to abuse the All Writs Act, nobody adds backdoors anymore. It’s up to you to maintain it, there's no way to recover it that can be done on the backend if you mess up outside of accepting complete data loss. They did this so they can tell the FBI to pound sand. If it was once enabled, these developers dropped support nearly immediately once that whole case with the FBI came to a close and dropped it in future releases unless it is coded into the SW. IF what I found is correct, 128-bit is not something that can be brute forced very quickly. To make matters worse is if the encryption "self-destructs" after X failed attempts by destroying the key, you have limited chances, to begin with.

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