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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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Camera viewfinder is black, and freezes the system

Hello, i recently picked up a 3DS XL and when i open the camera the viewfinder on the top screen is black and after 1 minute (or swapping to inner camera) freezes the system, i could replace it but i want to make sure that it isn't a software issue before doing that. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Can I do this safely even if I have a Luma 3ds on it?


Yep, luma won't interfere


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The easiest way to rule out a software issue is safe mode. Boot the 3ds holding L + R + A + D-pad up (not the circle pad), and you should boot into a system update screen. Go through the prompts, and check the camera when you're done. If it still freezes, you can try a system format, which should fix anything safe mode can't. Past that, it's a hardware issue

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How i holding L+R+A+D-pas up and I don't know how.


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