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Выпущенный 24 сентября флагманский смартфон Apple 2021 года оснащен 6,1-дюймовым OLED-дисплеем ProMotion, новой системой задней камеры с тремя объективами и 5G. Преемник iPhone 12 Pro.

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Replacing an OLED screen with an LCD (To avoid PWM pain issues)

Hello all,,

I am one of many who cannot use OLED screens due to eye pain and migraine due to PWM issues.

On Iphone web communities people are finding ways around having a newer iphone without the pain by replacing OLED screen with an LCD. (I currently use an Iphone 11 which is the last Iphone which doesnt have OLED)

Does anybody have first hand experience of this or know of the best replacement screens to buy?

See video on the website linked below, kind regards.


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Actually, the 11 isn't the latest iPhone with an LCD display; the iPhone SE 2022 comes with an LCD rather than OLED display, so that's something to consider; the SE 2020 does too.

There are many sites online selling LCD replacements for the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 screens; I can't vouch for the quality of the products, but you can find them on sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress among others. The advantage to them is that they are substantially cheaper than the OLED screens, but it's my understanding that your battery life will be impacted as the need for a separate backlight increases the power draw of an LCD screen over an OLED one.

Good luck; I'd be interested in hearing how it turns out for you.

Update (05/09/23)

Yeah, I understand about the smaller screens on the SE models.

The 13 and 14 LCD screens are available now. Here are a few examples.

iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max: Original For Iphone 13 Pro Max Lcd Display For Iphone 13 Display A2633 Lcd Display With Touch Screen For Iphone 13 Pro A2638 Lcd - Mobile Phone Lcd Screens - AliExpress

iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max: For iPhone 14 14 Plus 14 Pro 14 Pro Max LCD Display Touch Screen Replacement

You can get an LCD replacement for any of those models as of now.

If you don't do the screen replacement yourself, you'll need to make sure the repair shop has a device programmer so they can restore your True Tone function with the new screen.

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Cheers for the response. Yes you are right that newer phones use LCD however I need the larger phones for my fat fingers.

I’ll def give this a go, although I will wait until the 13 or 14 pro have LCD’s available. Currently only the 12 pro from what I can gather.

Might hang fire also until the iPhone 15 comes out in the hope they might have provided a fix for the PWM issues.


Any signs that your hope that the "iPhone 15 might provide a fix for the PWM issues" can be held up? I don't think that Apple will implement DC Dimming in the iPhone 15 series.


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Bumping , have similar problem , if anyone has done it please guide.Thanks!

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Bump. I have the same issue. Last year I purchased the SE III and will probably hold onto that until it becomes obsolete. Even these latest LCD screens will give me eye strain if I use them too long. My eyes are simply too sensitive. I long for my old iPhone 8 haha. Maybe I'll just go back to a flip phone...healthier for me in many ways.

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