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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Is it worth to replace battery for this model?

Hi everyone,

I own a MacBook Air (A1466 early 2014 ) and I am wondering if I should replace the battery because the capacity has reduced a lot over the years.

Is there any way to get some health stats of the rest of the hardware before I invest ~$100 in the battery? I am bit worried that I replace the battery but then shortly afterwards the RAM or any other component that I can't replace dies.

I have noticed that the fan starts spinning very often lately. I guess that the thermal paste is not working properly anymore after 9 years but that's an easier decision because thermal paste is cheap and there is not much too lose.

Looking forward to hear your recommendations.

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There are some basic tools to check your batteries heath which is always the first part to wear out, the next part is the SSD drive, most of the time people just run out of space so it is often replaced before it wears out.

The rest of the parts have about 20 years of life as long as you don’t abuse it and take the time to keep things clean both externally and internally as dust buildup will shorten its life.

Even still what is your needs? Email and Web surfing or heavy processing like gaming or video rendering.

This system will support most peoples needs, heavy processing tasks likely needs a more powerful system.

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Download and run Coconut Battery to get a better idea of how your battery is doing:



The battery is definitely cooked. I have about 30min runtime on a fully charged battery…

In terms of storage I still have about 50gb free storage left so I don’t think this would cause any slowdown. The SSD would also be replaceable, I am more worried about the RAM and the motherboard/cpu. Things that are soldered on and can’t be replaced easily.

I am not running any gpu intense applications on the macbook. It’s mostly used for programming so I run an IDE and a terminal and some dev tools maybe.

If the other components have an average lifespan of 20 years, I might give it a shot to replace battery and thermal paste.


@stefan47822 - How about doing a bit of house keeping cleaning out some of those old fils 50GB isn’t much space. A good rule of thumb is have at least 1/4 of the drive free.


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Even when I'm not running my 2014 Retina hard, I've began to notice this generation's age is beginning to show. I can scan something in Epson Scan 2, get the TIFF file from the Epson software (600dpi scan on a V600 accounting for the V600's tendency to do double scans for 600+dpi) and it often takes a minute or two to process the file. That's not drastic; the issue is when I need to do color correction for print or something similar. I use Affinity V2 (as well as V1 Photo and Designer); it takes a few minutes for Affinity Photo to load on the system but once it's in RAM, I'm good.

Yet I run the store demo of Affinity on the M series, and it's instant.

Update (05/20/23)

The big thing I suspect will get these 2014's is the official limit of the OS, sadly; not the hardware. As Big Sur ages out, the SW compatibility (and lifespan) on MacOS isn't the same as when upgrades were paid, even at EOL time because people ignored Apple's EOL times when the OS upgrade was paid until it was needed a lot, so 3rd party devs stepped up. I remember getting 5 years out of Snow Leopard back in the day because you waited as it was paid. That stopped being true when upgrades became free :/. I fought to keep Catalina going for 1 more year, but the end came because of Adobe.

If you can get it done cheap, I see nothing wrong with trying to get a few more years out of these. But when your time comes (if it comes sooner rather than later) while the 2017 13" Air has life left and will be the next best thing you can get since the M series tanked the resale. You're lucky with the Air; my upgrade path is much more direct when my 2014 bites the dust (2014>2015, if it gets to 10 then the 2015's viability gets worse), then the M series 14/16" so I can't jump on a 2017 Air like you can.

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@nick - That’s the symptoms of a full drive!

I have an even older 15“ MacBook Pro system 2012 which I often scan stuff with my Epson printer/scanner and I don’t have any sluggishness.

The OS is not the limit here, but running with only 8GB and running multiple apps concurrently forces the system to run Virtual RAM to make up for the shortfall. So when you have little free space it will bog down!

Upgrading the storage with a larger drive often fixes that too.


@danj 262.72GB free/512GB, so it's the RAM for me (16GB). I think some of it comes down to how the V600 handles anything higher than ~300dpi; it will double pass. For most things 300dpi is fine, but for things like high-detail scans the 600dpi mode of the V600 helps preserve detail if I have to edit things to correct rough color rendition.


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