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The iMac G3 came in tangerine, blueberry, lime, grape, and strawberry colors.

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I got an iMac G3 but it is locked with password

I got an iMac recently that works fine, but instantly when it boots, it open a software from boston college hs locked with a password. It tries to connect with internet to check the credentials but its not succeed even with ethernet cable plugged in. It shows that misses network.

The optical drive is not working to use a cd software to restore the mac os, is there other way to restore and clean this mac?

Is there a way to burn my own software cd? Not hard to find the mac os to download.


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@matheusmedeiros What file format is the downloaded MacOS in?


I found the .iso format on Macintosh Repository. I’m now searching how to burn this CD.


@matheusmedeiros What OS are you using?


Probably will be a Windows. My actual macbook don’t have optical drive to burn this cd :/


@matheusmedeiros In Windows you can Right-Click>Burn Disk Image, Select your target drive and select "Burn".


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It was likely tied to a MS AD server, or Apple server (Mac OS X Server or the MacOS Server add-on with Lion and up, probably OS X Server for this era) for login and doesn't have a "local account" outside of an admin account if it expects the school network. Schools, universities, and workplaces do it for security most of the time. It was common in the era when Apple sold the Xserve and even the "server edition" desktops; they were usually the same with a server license outside of Xserve. They still do this, but often use an MS AD server tie to a local user.

In this case, you will likely need to wipe the HD out and reinstall; you'll need to replace the optical drive in this case. However, any 12.7mm IDE laptop drive should work, but the bezel may not transfer unless you have the "right drive". You just need to transfer the bridge board.

If the drive has a jumper switch, most newer IDE optical drives for laptops are to a fixed jumper select mode based on where the drive is in the IDE bus chain. It may or may not matter, but if it does you will need to adjust the hard drive jumper to the master jumper mode so the jumper select mode on the laptop optical drive forces it to be the slave drive. If you force one in the master mode, the other drive in the chain becomes the slave drive. HOWEVER, if you have two drives in the same position then you run into a conflict none of them get recognized; if that occurs, you may need to master the optical drive and slave the hard drive. This will slow your boot times a bit, but it's sometimes the only workaround.

iMac G3 Model M4984 Optical Drive Replacement

To burn the CD, just use a standard CD burning program you like.

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If you don't mind a slower install, you can try booting off a USB drive:

  1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
  2. Press the power button and immediately start holding the Command, Option, O and F keys.
  3. If successful, you should see a screen that lists your computer and says "Welcome to Open Firmware"
  4. At the prompt, type
  5. boot usb0/@disk1:,\\:tbxi
  6. If that doesn't work, try the following commands:
    1. boot usb1/@disk1:,\\:tbxi
    2. boot ud:,\\:tbxi

This will be updated will compete instructions one I know the file format your downloaded MacOS image is in.

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I know on the DV series you worked around this issue with an FW400 external drive or you imaged the OS onto an EHD (HFS+) but these don't have that option. I don't even think the OF of the era supports USB booting in the config mode.

On the G4 and up we use FW400 DVD drives or the hard drive workaround.


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Hey guys @nick and @andrewsawesome

Good news!

I followed nick’s tips and opened the machine. the optical driver was just disconnected for some reason. It is also bondi blue/blueberry color (the imac is tangerine) so I think it was opened before. I connected and it works perfectly (opening and rotating - tried with a music cd) but I don’t know the capacity to read and reinstall the macos since I can’t test out this drive cause the mac is still locked.

Ok, now I need a CD with a Restore Software in it to try my luck. I never did this before, so tomorrow I’m going to search someone with a notebook with cd drive to burn this iso CD.

Also, I didn’t find a tutorial of how to burn this bootable cd from a .iso file. Do you know anyone?

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Look on archive.org for a 9.2.2 install CD. You might find the original MacOS8 images, but OS9 is more compatible honestly. If this was a complete stock machine I MIGHT say try and find them but you got this from a school that probably burned the CRT up pretty badly. It will never be a nice collectible unless you find a unicorn bare CRT, swap it (SAFELY!!! 25k volts here!), adjust the magnets on the tube and adjust it with the Apple service tools (this has to be done live, so again safety issue) focus on a practical OS reinstall.

While I'm normally hesitant here, take this link for OS9: https://archive.org/details/mac-os-9.2.2...

MacOS 10.3 (highest these go as they lack FW400*): https://archive.org/details/10.3-mac-os-...

*IF YOU CAN FIND IT, XpostFacto bypasses the FW400 requirement. Not recommended as they don't have the horsepower I'd like to see, but feel free to try if you really want to.


Just get a $20 USB burner :P. I grab as many as Dell lets me grab when they "offload" excess units for cheap at a time on their coupon deals if I'm running low.


Well I don’t want this iMac to be a collector piece or add value to it. I just want to play around with the softwares and use as decoration. The screen works fine for this purpose :) I am going to buy an external optical drive to burn my restore CD to try my luck. I hope this iMac optical drive are able to read it.


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@nick @andrewsawesome hey guys!

The optical drive arrived, I burnt 2 cds with mac Os 9.2.2 and… nothing happened! I don’t know if its because of the keyboard I’m using (modern with cable) that don’t allow to use the keys to restore neither other commands like cmd + option + o + f. everytime i put the cds while the imac is power on, it shows a message that says that the computer cannot read the cd.

I started this project confident but now I ask myself if its worth to spend money on these (buying parts, cds, external drives, keyboards…)

I burnt the CDs using TransMac software, I don’t know if is something related to the modern cds I’ve been burning. I start to think the best way to fix this issue is finding the HD with this system installed to sell on the internet…

Or do you have something else I can try?

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AFAIK there's no copy protection, try different images or the one from Macintosh Garden.

You want "macos-922-uni.zip (422.03 MB)". ;)


You are using CD-Rs, not CD-RWs, correct?


Yeah, CD-Rs, no RWs! I downloaded other images after the question, including 8.6 Restore (that comes with the machine) but still didn’t work… I found a person selling macs HDD, talked to him and he said he can install any version on the HDD to send me. I just don’t know if it works in my iMac. Do you know if Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.7 IDE Ata133 is compatible with this iMac? Thanks


plus if a HDD restored with mac os 8.6 installed in a PowerMac G4 works in my iMac G3? :/


@matheusmedeiros As long as it is 120GB or under. 28-bit LBA.


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