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The Honda GX200UT2 is an air-cooled 4-stroke overhead-valve, 196 cc, 5.5-horsepower engine. This diagram supports sub-models: HT2, HTC2

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Dies two minutes into the job

I have replaced the fuel, the carburetor, checked the spark plugs, used starting fluid, cleaned the filter, checked the cap to the gas can.

It will run about two minutes and then die. It has gas flow and I have added a new fuel filter too.

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@matthulsey once it dies, does it start right back up or do you have to wait any length of time? Your Honda is a GX200UT2?


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You didn’t say, so I’m going to ask…are you turning off the choke after you start it and let it run for a few seconds? This sounds like the engine is running too rich after starting. You might want to also check the linkage between the choke lever and the choke plate itself. You might THINK you are turning the choke off but it still might be set. You can usually see the choke plate by removing the air filter housing (not just the air filter). It’s usually a butterfly plate that pivots 90 degrees when you “choke” the engine and should be parallel with the airflow when the choke is off.

If that’s not it, you should replace and gap the spark plug (you said spark plugs…but I believe this engine only has 1). You’ll need a spark plug socket and a spark plug gap setting tool (they around $5). Someone should teach you how to do it the first time, as they are really sensitive. Note the old plug when it comes out, it should be dry and tan in color ideally. I little bit of dry black is ok too. Oily and black and that means you have oil in the combustion chamber. Not ideal but might be ok. Replacing the plug will tell you a lot when you look at the old plug.

Hoping one of these helps you out.

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