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Repair and disassembly guides for HP printers.

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My printer started printing only pink colour

My printer started printing in pink only. all the ink cartridges are more than 50% full. I have done all the diagnostics, cleaning and no fix

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Hi @thandimhlambiso,

What is the model number of the printer?

Does it do this if you copy/scan a page using the printer's control panel as well as if you print from a computer?


My printer is a HP Smart Tank 615. Everything functions on the printer as normal. copy, scan, print etc. The ink tanks are between 50%-80% full. The only issue is that everything I print with the normal colour settings, it prints in the colour pink. From any and all applications. Although if I choose to print in black-only, in the printer system settings, it will do so.


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While these essentially use modified tri-color carts as "printheads", the carts aren't as readily available as Canon's modified tri-color design (they cost something like ~$20 with Canon). However, this does mean cleaning these things is viable and relatively easy. If you can remove the "printhead" and not make a mess, soaking the color "printhead" often fixes this issue. If you can't clean it, I did find it for $23 from Encompass.

The Epson ET series is a disaster when this occurs; you need to take half the printer apart, remove the "ink carriers", put something like a blue shop cloth under the printhead, rub the head with cleaner (to get rid of any dry ink on the head plate) and push cleaner through and then run a light cleaning cycle to get ink back in the head if you don't want to burn your waste ink pad up on the "sealed" ET models or replace a $20 consumable item. These have the disadvantage with photo printing due to the limits of CMYK vs CMYK+GY or CMYK+LC/LM or even Ultrachrome 10 (CMYK+PK/VM/LC/VLM/GY/LG/Violet) but it doesn't matter for home users, honestly; being able to service it is probably a bigger feature.

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