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MTD YM the only way it starts is to plug the crankshaft breather tube

I just bought a 1998 MTD Yard Machines Lawn tractor with a 20 hp B&S engine. I found the only way to start it is to plug the crankshaft breather tube. as soon as I take my finger off (and it sprays oil everywhere) it shuts off. Not sure where to start trouble shooting. Maybe the breather tube is installed wrong?

Update (05/30/23)

Plate says: 461707

20 hp twin II

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Hi @chrisw54196,

What is the model number of the engine?


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Hi @chrisw54196

Not sure but perhaps @oldturkey03 may know.

Here's some information that may help either now or in the future.

According to this link the engine is a B&S 461707 Type 0116 so based on that here's a link that has the owner manual and parts manual download links.

Perhaps the parts manual may show how the breather tube should be installed

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