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Repair and disassembly information for the ROG Ally, a handheld gaming console made by ASUS. Released in 2023 and identified by model number RC71L.

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Where I can buy sparepart the battery?

when when the spare part needs to be replaced such as the battery, where is the place to buy it? I don't see it's for sale on the asus site or it's not available yet?

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Hi @caldera13626

Depending on your location when the console is officially released (for Australia it is June 13, 2023) and after the warranty period has expired if you open the console it may have some information on the battery that will help to find suppliers

Here's a teardown video for the console that may help to find a battery supplier.

At 1:56 minutes into the video it shows a label on the battery. Hopefully there may be an Asus part number (or even a battery part number) written on the label.

If there is search online using that information to hopefully get results of suppliers.

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