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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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Does anyone know the way to get open a My Book Duo?

I accidentally dropped my My Book Duo ( the one with the glossy top and lined lower) and I think the circuit board has moved slightly so one of the connectors for the HD does not line up. I am trying to open it up to re-align it, but I am not sure how the two halves of the enclosure are connected. Think it's clipped, just wondering if anyone had any advice. Many thanks.

Update (06/08/23)

Hi All, I have worked it out, it needed a thin flat screwdriver wedged in and twisted to pop it apart, and the clips didn't break either, which is a bonus.

Block Image

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Hi @ianstuart74725

Here's a video that may be of some help.

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