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A 20" monitor released in March 2012 by Acer, model S200HL

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Help! My monitor has a white filter over it and I can't get it off

I powered my laptop on and the monitor that it's connected to has a black dead spot on a portion of the screen. While I load up a game, the screen now glitches and it the screen is color inverted and washed with a white filter I can't get rid of.

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Hi @alberteinst8428,

White filter sounds like the Contrast setting is adjusted too high.

Have you tried a different video cable, vga or DVI (you didn't specify what type of connection)?

Have you tried using a different monitor, just to prove that the problem is in the monitor and not the laptop?

If you've tried another video cable or even a different input type and it still fails, but it is OK when using a different monitor, it may be simpler to replace the mainboard in the monitor than trying to fix it.

Search online for Acer S200HL mainboard or 3520-0052-0150 to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's the ifixit Acer S200HL LCD Monitor Motherboard Replacement guide that may help.

If you're interested here's a link that although your monitor doesn't have the same symptoms, shows some components e.g. capacitors (check for domed or leaking), that may affect the operation. Worth looking at first perhaps.

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