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I have no air coming through the vents in my car?

My 99 Acura TL has no air coming through the vents? I’ve replaced the blower motor because my connection was a bit melted. I had to splice in a universal connection for power. I also replaced my resister as it also had a burned connection. I blew a fuse first try after installing. Replaced it & tried again. My blower runs, I can hear it & the condenser kick on. But no air comes through my vents??? I was told by Acura it could be the air mix motor or mode motor at $500 each or maybe the filter, there are 2?? Please help a girl trying to learn to fix her own things. I’m stuck in the heat with no AC but I’m not giving up!!

Thanks, T

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@tremadaffron both of those motors are a good choice. Make sure that you do have a working blower motor etc. I am always slightly concerns when people say the fuse blew etc. Remote repair just requires all of us the visualize things and then put those thoughts in words that others can follow. Sometimes we go down a rabbit hole where it's not worth to follow. In your case, and we are making the assumption that the parts you replaced are working etc. I suggest you do the tests for the Air Mix Control Motor and the Mode Control Motor according to Acuras SM. Those test are actually pretty simple to follow. Take a look at this part from the SM 1999 2003 Acura TL AC Page 56 and page 57 are the ones of interest. Hope this gets you going in the right direction. If you need further help with that, we'll be here. If there is anything you need to show us in regards to those test, i.e. connectors etc. you can always post images with your QUESTION. Just make sure those are well focused and large enough.

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