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The 5th generation BMW 5 Series was produced from 2003 to 2010. For these models, BMW introduced a controversial new design, the iDrive control system, and active steering.

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Why is my water pump not turning on before and after replacing it

I would like to know why my water pump doesn’t turn on before and after replacing it I checked all fuses and wire’s everything was fine when I first got car but out of nowhere it didn’t wanna start and car overheats now

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@nick28678 what is the exact year and model number for your BMW? Which fuses did you check? Do us a favor. Lift the hood and take a picture of the engine compartment. All the way from front to back. Post those with your Question Adding images to an existing question


@oldturkey03 it’s a 2006 bmw 530i


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@nick28678 here is the wiring diagram for your water pump. One of the fuses is in the fusebox in the glove compartment (#23) have you checked those fuses

Block Image

For now, check this site for the troubleshooting. See if that might help you.

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Yes I went threw every single one from trunk to compartment I even put a code scanner it gave me 2Ab4 and 2E84 and 2EF5


@nick28678 do you have any power to your pump? You should get 12V at pin 1 and ground on pin3 or 4. The 2E84 is a DME error. Check the box where the DME is for any inline fuse. I know the 3 series had one that was never listed in any schematic. Who knows if they did the same nonsense on your series. Can't rule it out.


If u are talking about the little pump that mounts near the radiator, this is not your water pump to circulate coolant,it's to aid with bleeding the cooling system when it's replaced, it's also used if the cabin HVAC system has the rest button(cycles coolant to keep cabin warm for about 10mins on cold days once engine coolant is up to temperature& engine is switched off) if your car is overheating it's coolant/water pump is on the engine & run off the serpintine belt, some other things that should also be checked is the coolant level, the coolant fan(is it electric or mechanical) also the cooling system has a thermostat that may also have failed.


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