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The Honda GX200UT2 is an air-cooled 4-stroke overhead-valve, 196 cc, 5.5-horsepower engine. This diagram supports sub-models: HT2, HTC2

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Engine Stops running after 5 minutes, have to restart works again

Engine Stops running after 5 minutes have to restart it works again for 5 minutes and stops again

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Are you familiar with naturally aspirated (N/A) carburetors? Small engines use either a gravity fed carb for 4-stroke engines or diaphragm type carb using crankcase pressure/vacuum in 2-stroke engines to allow 2-strokes to operate upside down or sideways (chain saws). 4-stroke engines with gravity fed carbs must remain upright. This also means the fuel tank must have a vent to allow fuel feed to the carb. If the cap vent is blocked, fuel may not feed into the carb, resulting in fuel starvation. A pinhole is all that's needed for venting of the fuel tank and if the vent is blocked, fuel emptying into the carb during engine running will create a vacuum, preventing fuel flow from tank to carb, This might be one of two possibilities. The other possibility may be buildup in the carb fuel passages, choking off fuel flow to the float bowl. This would require carb disassembly to examine for deposits blocking off fuel flow.

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