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Repair guides and support for HP's LaserJet Laser Printer Line, which includes printers with model numbers starting with LaserJet, LaserJet Pro, Color LaserJet, P, M, CP, and CM.

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What is causing Paper Jam Tray 1 or Tray 2 but is none

Laserjet 2300dtn, every attempt to print or test paper path gives jam error. Pickup rollers do not move at all. Cleaned and repaired "sticky" solenoids. Verified no broken gears or shafts. Everything sounds good and moves on startup except pickup rollers and comes up ready. Attempt to print throws 13.01.00. New Toner cart, verified no residual paper in path. Where to look or whats wrong? Thanks in advance.

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@oldturkey03 Got it. I suspect the rollers are shot or improperly mounted... These are NOT fun to swap on Tray 2, unlike modern units which I still consider "good", so essentially all units which are reasonably new that also predate the M402 and color DRM machines (as in low PC pre-DRM).

That said, I'd still swap the rollers on a 50k+ page Pro 400 or a 150k+ page machine from the chipless era (or at least lack of DRM); but I'm not just grabbing one well run Pro 400 -- I need to make it worth the trip (and potential back pain). Can't hurt something with 150k pages as a bulk unit on the clock much worse if it's a bonus grab ;).


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Check how the pickup rollers are mounted -- the HP LJ 2100/2200/2300 have a repair UNfirendly design which is hard to install the first time correctly, or first timers often break. I had one (2100 version) with ~250k pages in high school, and it was broken on Tray 2 before I got it due to the horrible design this was known for (as well as age not helping) so I had to use Tray 1 for everything. It was not fun, but I made it work because it beat feeding an inkjet ink every other week because they were far more expensive to run when I could forego color when I had working color ink for the inkjet (and it was getting hard to find ink for the 842c, so it was a huge upgrade). It's possible it was broken before you got it due to user error that went undisclosed, or just broke due to time. The design HP used in these is their kryptonite :/. Break it... GOODBYE. Can't get the parts and if you somehow DO find it, it's just as brittle.

Eventually, it had a formatter board death after like 270-280k pages so I got it towards the end, but free is free; especially back then. These days I'd take something with that much use, but as a condition, it has to come with a nicer printer and it's just a bonus that doesn't need a $$$ maintenance kit, expensive fuser or color laser with an ITB you can't easily buy. Based on those rules, it eliminated MOST color lasers because they fail there a lot unless the ITB is lifetime like some of the 5-7-year-old Lexmarks which are JUST being decommed (but most have the drum issue). Only a few make the cut with color, B/W is easy because clone drums are like litter, or rebuild kits are available. The page count would make it would be something I can toy around with when I can get a cheap test toner and throw some copy paper in it, and basically just use it as a bulk convenience printer knowing it's high anyway and putting 3-4k lazy pages on a 80-100k page printer as acquired is NOT a big deal. But would I pay for it with heavy use? No, but I'll rehome it to save it from the landfill and work with it if it's viable cost wise.

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It was working fine until it had a jam. Daughter attempted to clear jam. Hasn't worked since. Cannot find any paper or broken or jammed sensors


@markl52841 Yeah, it sounds like something broke or dislodged.


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@markl52841 printers are my most disliked repairs. I am just not good with the amount of plastic and sharp sheet metal etc. They always end up rattling on me and never working properly again :-) Besides the good answer by my colleague who really knows printers, use this SM SM LJ2300. It is for a HP LJ2300 not a 2300dtn but there may be enough similarities, to get yours repaired. It does sound like a stuck or broken sensor. Check page 233. This SM is not searchable, you actually have to scour through it to find what you need. Best of luck.

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dtn doesn't mean much in terms of these HP service manuals; it's like a trim level. It's the CONNECTORS you have to compare. I don't know inkjets though LOL. Lasers? Sorta, since I had to survive on heavily run ones for a few years.

I had a "modern" HP back then too, but I despised it because it burned through ink worse before going to the 2100. Where do you think my disgust for the HP 6X mech came from? Steaming hot garbage built to a price to the point I stayed up at night to run things for the next day.


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