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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Putting an LTE screen on a non LTE body (Apple Watch 4 Nike)

Hi Everyone,

I need some help.

I have an Apple Watch Series 4 Nike 44mm. I got it as a present (it was used), worked perfectly until my son managed to drop it and cracked the screen.

I found an LTE screen on ebay, and I am wondering if it will work on a GPS only model. I don't care about apple pay and stuff like that, I use the basic functions of the watch (Strava, step counter, looking at notifications when cycling etc.) hence I don't want to spend 100 euros on a new screen, happy to spend about 50-60 for a used one. Yes I can do the swap myself.

Thank you for the answers!

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@gezamolnar With the knowledge that the replacement screen from iFixit works with all models, this screen should work with yours. You might want to consider buying the fource touch sensor gasket in case you damage yours. I would also recommend buying the iFixit pre-cut adhesive for the screen adhesive, but you could use a liquid adhesive instead or cut your own adhesive tape if you prefer.

Let ne know if you have any further questions

Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4) Force Touch Sensor Gasket Изображение


Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4) Force Touch Sensor Gasket


Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip Изображение


Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip


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Thank you very much, I'll do that! :)


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