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screen appears as if there is no back lighting. Why?

What parts will I need to replace for my screen? Not cracked and no visual damage over than no back light. What should I do?

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The LCD in your IPhone 4s can be replaced with an iPhone 4s Display Assembly. The LCD and front touch sensitive glass panel are one unit and I don't recommend trying to replace the LCD alone. If the back light stopped working after the phone was dropped or had some other trauma it is possible that you may have a loose connection inside. It's a bit of a long shot but you could try opening the phone using this guide to check all the connectors, particularly the display data cable in step 18. If the back light still malfunctions you may have no choice but to replace the front panel Display Assembly. Beware, this is not an easy repair and just opening the phone to poke around will expose many easily broken tiny parts. If you have no experience with the guts of small electronics you may want to seek the help of an experienced repair tech.

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iPhone 4S Screen


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on the board any of these componets can go bad.

you can find the 169948

|parts for backlight coil and IC here

for iphone 4G and 4GS]

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