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GE Ventless Dryer GFT14ESSL0WW Tear Down

Hello all, my first post. Let's see if I get lucky. lol

So the dryer turns on, no error codes. When I hit start button, the motor sounds like it wants to turn the drum, but it cannot.

Theres so many screws on this thing, I was hoping to find the "shortcut" on how to open it up and look around at the belt and pulley.

Any and all replies are greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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Hi @unloopme

Don't know the dryer but it sounds as though there may be a problem with either the motor start capacitor or perhaps the motor start winding.

If possible try to manually operate the door switch and then with the door open, start the dryer.

If it tries to turn but can't, manually rotate the drum and check if then it continues to rotate by itself. If it does then it is either the start winding or the capacitor.

Be careful that you don't get caught by the drum suddenly turning by itself.

Here's a link to a parts supplier that may help, once you work out how to open the dryer ;-)

The capacitor is Item #48 in the Blower, motor & condenser assembly diagram - manufacturer's part # WE01X26354

The motor is Item #34 in the Blower, motor & condenser assembly diagram - WE17X26577 (supplier example only to show motor specification plate where you can see how the capacitor is attached between the red and yellow wires connected to the motor terminals - hover the mouse cursor over the image to enlarge)

You could use an Ohmmeter to do a rough check if the capacitor is OK, by first disconnecting the power to the dryer and then disconnecting the harness wiring from the capacitor and then discharging it by shorting out its terminals using a large set of pliers with insulated grips (there may be a big spark if it is OK, so watch your eyes) and then connecting the Ohmmeter to the capacitor to see if it registers a reading, then reversing the Ohmmeter leads and testing again to see if it registers a reading again. Basically the Ohmmeter will be charging and discharging the capacitor. If there's no indication on the meter at all then it is faulty.

Unfortunately you can't test and prove if the motor start winding is OK with an Ohmmeter, as the start and run windings are connected in parallel by an internal centrifugal switch. You would need an AC clamp meter connected to the motor's AC input to measure the current to check how much current was flowing when the motor is first turned on.

Once you determine what is wrong and if a part needs replacing, search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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I appreciate the reply, jayeff!

So after a struggle to engage the the door lock, I was able to turn the drum and it began to spin normally.

Not sure where this leaves me now as I would still need to crack it open, but if I understood you correctly, that would mean I just need to replace the capacitor somehow?

Thanks again for helping me get the ball rolling!

Greatly appreciated!


@unloopme This is exactly what the motor on my outdoor air conditioning unit was doing; it would turn on but there would be just a hum and when I manually gave the blades a push, they'd spin up and run normally. As @jayeff has already indicated, replacing the motor start capacitor fixed the problem for me.

If you go to the Blower, motor & condenser assembly diagram on the parts supplier page Jayeff pointed out, part number 48, the "Capacitor WE01X26354", is what you'd need to replace. Use that as a search term to find a seller that meets your availability and cost considerations.


@dadibrokeit Thanks for the reply!

That's great news it seems. It's only $30 shipped from GE parts.

Now if I could only find a video or service manual to help me crack the disassembly code. lol

I appreciate the help gents!


@unloopme I didn't find any information on servicing your dryer that was available for free, but there is one site selling a service manual for about $17 USD for a PDF version, or $30 for a printed version. Sorry but I can't speak to the veracity of the site; it's just the only one I could find.



@dadibrokeit Yes sir, the thought has crossed my mind to grab one of those. But as you said, not sure if it's a legit site. I may just wing it keeping track of all them darn screws. lol

Thanks again for all the help and suggestions.


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