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Information and repair guides for dehumidifier repair, an appliance that removes humidity from the air in your home.

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Dehumidifier fan not working

Trying to diagnose the fan inside my dehumidifier. Initially believed it was a grounding issue. Fan kicks on but it is very weak. If I try to switch speeds it fails altogether. You can see a video of the issue here: https://youtu.be/0NSS6TgKIyY

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @andya28832,

What is the model number of the Frigidaire dehumidifier?


Frigidaire FAD704DWD


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Hi @andya28832

Found this wiring diagram for a FAD704DWD5 model - (click on wiring diagram) that may help.

Perhaps changing the fan capacitor may solve the problem. Look on the fan capacitor to find its value and rating information and use that information to search online for replacements.

Usually with most fans that have capacitors attached, they are there to increase/decrease the amount of current to the fan motor thereby altering its speed.

Since the fan power supply comes from the CN4 connector on the mainboard it may be that by switching speeds it alters the amount of voltage/current to the fan but if the capacitor is faulty this may be enough to make it fail entirely.

Either that or there's a problem on the board. Check the board for any obvious component damage e.g. burnt out or heat stressed components.

BTW it seems that there's not too many parts available for the dehumidifier, only 3 and none electrical. Even when looking at the exact model you posted it states no parts. Also all the -dwd models listed i.e. dwd1→ dwd11 have the same wiring diagram.

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I remember with my old Ebac 2000, it seemed like every other month something was up with the fan or another part. Given your description and the video, the issue does indeed sound like it could be capacitor-related. When my Ebac's fan began acting up, showing similar symptoms of weak airflow and failing at different speeds, it turned out to be a worn-out capacitor. Replacing it wasn't too complicated once I got the right part. The key is to ensure you match the voltage and capacitance ratings exactly.

Also, consider checking the fan's motor and the connections to it. Sometimes, a loose or corroded wire can cause insufficient power delivery, leading to weak performance. With your model's limited spare parts availability, if it's not the capacitor, it could well be a motor or a board issue, which gets trickier. In these cases, unless you're really into DIY, a professional's opinion might save you time and further complications.

Recently, I shifted to a Frigidaire 50 Pint Dehumidifier. Its more energy efficient, and I like that it has an LED intuitive control pannel. See more specs in this article: https://thedehumidifierexperts.com/50-pi.... Might consider it as a replacement for yours.

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