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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Released October 15th, 2020. Model Number: GD1YQ, GTT9Q

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Small metal piece fell out!

When I took my screen off to replace the battery and unscrewed the metal plate a small metal piece that has small hooks on each end and is a sandwich with some kind of plastic inside of it fell out. I don't know where it goes. My ear speaker no longer works. Also, my ear proximity sensor no longer works. Any help would be appreciated. The photos show two views of the same piece. One shows that something is sandwiched between the metal.

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Block Image

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@tcrealm, can you add a picture of the part in question? That'll help us identify it much better than a verbal description could.

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That part is so tiny that it's hard to be sure, but I'm thinking it could be this part.

Block Image

It's from Step 22 of the Pixel 5 Motherboard Replacement guide here.

Google Pixel 5 Motherboard Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Step 39 shows you how it goes back in.

Google Pixel 5 Motherboard Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Hopefully that answers that! Unfortunately, it looks like you may have to remove the motherboard to get the darn thing back in where it belongs.

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You beat me to the punch here (by 52 seconds). I love identifying little parts like this.

Definitely ould be related to the issues with the speaker and sensors as well, being that it's in the same proximity.. It could be necessary to make proper alignment or some such.


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