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The Samsung Galaxy A31 is a mid-range Android device released by Samsung in April 2020. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A315(F, F/DS, G/DS, and G/DSL).

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Fell in the water and not working

My phone fell in the swimming pool while I was cleaning. I am able to open the back but I don’t know how to fix it

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Hi Jayjay,

You'll want to completely disassemble the phone and clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Batteries tend to get damaged by liquid exposure very easily so you should figure on replacing the battery. Once everything's been cleaned and a new battery installed, you may need to evaluate where you are. The screen may also need to be replaced as again, those get ruined by liquids quite often as well.

Here's a guide to what to do for liquid damage; it's written for an iPhone but the principles apply to any phone.

iPhone Liquid Damage Repair - iFixit Repair Guide

Use the guides available on the Spanish Nadie Me Llama Gallina site to disassemble the phone as needed.

Manuales / Samsung / Samsung Galaxy A31

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