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Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives, USB sticks or thumb drives.

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Pendrive does not showing in drive

I have hp 16gb pendrive. When I put in my laptop, the pendrive is not showing in drive , when i tried to open it the computer give me msg " insert a disk" ,also tried to put it in tv but same it was not opened,

how can I open it ?

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@dharapatel45173 What operating system are you running (e.g. Windows 10)?


operating system is Windows 10


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Hi @dharapatel1 , sounds like it could be a failed drive unfortunately! This is a pretty common failure mode when the NAND flash stops being able to be written to. The controller still shows up, but its no longer able to communicate with the NAND memory. It might be time for a new drive. Thanks!

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