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Released by Nikon in January 2014, the Coolpix L830 is a compact digital camera designed to provide powerful zoom with simple operation.

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Why does putting an SD card reset my settings?

I haven't used my camera for a couple months but I recently pulled it back out and when I turned it on the setting were reset and I needed to set the time zone again.

After doing that, I realized I hadn't inserted the SD card so I turned it off and put the one I had on the side for it, this is the one i have specifically for this camera so I e used it many times. When i turned it back on, not only did it take a few moments longer but the setting were reset again. It told me the card could not be read.

I took the card out and formatted it with my computer as I know I need to sometimes but when. I did put it back in, I got the same thing as the first time. I took it out and tested it in my other Nikon's and had no issues with the others. Turning the camera on without the SD card this time didn't reset my settings or make it take longer.

I even tried with other SD cards to see if it was just that one but any SD card is having the same affect on the camera. Any idea why?

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@destinydavis do you turn the camera off between changing the SD cards. The issue is most likely that your RTC battery is no longer functioning. THat is what holds the time and settings in memory. With a dead RTC battery, you lose those settings everytime you turn your camera off.

From the User Manual:

The Clock Battery
• The camera’s clock is powered by a built-in backup battery. The backup battery charges when the main batteries are inserted into the camera or when the camera is connected to an optional AC adapter, and it can run the clock for several days after about ten hours of charging.
• If the camera’s backup battery becomes exhausted, the date and time setting screen is displayed when the camera is turned on. Set the date and time again.

What a pain. The battery is on the underside of the main board.

Block Image

Not a lot of guides out for this, so try something like this video in combination with the beginning of this one

While you work on your camera, take lots of pictures. Once you are done with it, take those pictures and create a guide for iFixit. That will help the next person that has the same problem as you do. It's easy and fun to create these guides. https://ifixit.com/Guide/new The iFixit community will appreciate this.

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BTW this isn't just a Nikon problem. Canon also builds theirs in such that if it ever died in my 80D I need to take some of the camera apart to get to it; likely just the LCD back.

Hopefully, this design has died in the mirrorless cameras from Nikon and Canon (Z and R mirrorless) >_<. That said, Canon does the settings in NVRAM, you just lose the date/time. Sony doesn't have an internal battery AFAIK.


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