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Repair guides and support for laptops manufactured by Origin PC.

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Why does my laptop make loud fan noise then shut down seconds after tu

It was dropped and now has power issues and I can't find anyone to fix it or even look at it due to the brand.

Any advice on how to fix it or should I just bin it?

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This laptop is an EON15-X

Thank you for your answer oldturkey.


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@originuser don't bin it. You know that failure is not an option. Worst case scenario, we are going to break it and create a couple of guides in the meantime. Just kidding! Lets try and fix it. Repair is War on Entropy!

This "make loud fan noise then shut down seconds after" by itself would lead me to believe there are some issues with the fan. Let's assume your fan does not work (right) your computer gets hot and shuts down. All we would need is to find out if that is so, replace the fan and you are back on the road. Now, what is the exact model of your Origin? Let's find out if we can get any info on this. Time for you to post some good pictures of the bottom off this laptop. Post those with your question. That way we can see what you see and hopefully get this beast opened up to get it checked out. Adding images to an existing question

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