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Dryer worked then sat unplugged for a year and now it won’t start.

I have a combo GE washer dryer. It was working fine but it sat in a storage shed for a year. When we plugged it back in the washer appears to work fine but the dryer won’t start. Checked the idler switch, replaced the motor, replaced the capacitor, checked the door switch, start switch, timer works. Dryer will work if you give it a push start. Start button will get the motor turning if the belt is disconnected. Not sure what to try next. Model number GUD27ESPM1DG.

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Hi Renee,

Do you have a model number for your washer/dryer combo? That'll help the rest of us reference service guides and parts lists.


Hi Jerry, model number is GUD27ESPM1DG.


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Hi @renee56352

Does it start by itself when you disconnect the belt or do you still have to give it a push to get it started

Have you got the long vent model version or the non long vent model version?

If you have the non long vent version then perhaps check the wiring from the start button to the motor's M5 terminal

If you have the long vent model then there's a relay that is operated by the start button and it or its contacts could be faulty or it could also be a problem with the wiring to the motor's M5 terminal from the relay.

Here's an image of part of the motor circuit from the mini manual for the combo unit that may help.

By pushing the drum it may be enough to get the motor's centrifugal switch to operate and change the circuit path over so as to bypass the start button or the relay contacts (which should have been operated by the start button) and allow the motor to continue to operate on the run winding.

This would be made easier if the belt was removed, as there would be less initial torque required by the motor to start turning and the start winding may not be needed to help produce the required magnetism needed for the motor to start to rotate. It could start on the run winding only but for this to happen the centrifugal switch would need to be operated because perhaps there's a problem with the connection from the start button or the relay to the M5 terminal.

Block Image

(click on image)

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Hello Jayeff,

Thank you for you for answering my question. The dryer I have is the non long vent version. It seems a bit inconsistent but most of the time it needs a little help to start even with the belt disconnected.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to check the motor’s M5 terminal. Would you have any pointers on that?



use an Ohmmeter and check the red wire running from the Start switch to the M5 terminal and make sure that there's continuity in the wire from end to end i.e. not open circuit. Do this with the power disconnected from the dryer.

This is if the wiring colours are the same on the motor as shown in the mini manual then:

M1 = Black

M2 = Violet (Purple)

M4 = Green with a Yellow stripe

M5 = Red

M6 = Pink

Hopefully there is a noticeable difference between the red and the pink colours.

There is a wiring colour chart in the mini manual (you may have to rotate the page to view it properly).

The wire colours (and the wire gauge) is written along each wire in the diagram e.g. M5 wire = r-18 red wire 18 gauge thickness, M1 = b-14 black wire 14 gauge etc


Was able to check the M5 and it looks like it has continuity.



Just verifying - continuity i.e. 0.00 Ohms, from both terminals on the Start button when it is manually operated, i.e. brown wire and red wire on the Start button, thru to the M5 terminal, is this correct?


Tested it again just to make sure. Still getting 0.00 Ohms.


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