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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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The Left Analog Stick Button stopped making the clicking sound

The button stopped making the clicking sound and responds weirdly, I've opened it but I dont know what causes it. Can anyone help?

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The control stick module itself is responsible for the sound. This noise is meant to happen when the clicker switch on the flexible PCB is pressed down. If your L3 input still works and the Joy-Con is not exhibiting unusual behavior or resistance when moving the stick, I wouldn't worry about this. If functional issues come about as a result of this matter, the most convenient method of resolution is changing your control stick module. For the left Joy-Con, you can do this by following this guide, which is also available below for your reference.

In the future, be wary of using excessive force when pressing the L3 and R3 buttons, which is a potential cause of failure. I hope your problem is resolved without too much trouble.

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Thank you for your response, the button didnt work at all, I open the joystick and deduced that the flexible button was probably pushed too far down after it fell the other day, if I click it with tweezers it worked correctly but was certainly deformed in some capacity because it didnt feel right.

Im going to replace the stick, do you perhaps know if the sticks from ifixit feel the same as the og ones? Im worried I will feel weird.


@manimanoca33897 I can't speak to the replacements you can purchase from here, but I've made replacements using various third-party options and none of them have felt notably different from the default sticks. Take a dig on Amazon or other places as well and try to find a deal that seems good, as you can get extras for future use in bundles that way.

There's also a more recent option for Hall-Effect modules that will not experience conventional drift, but these may feel a bit different and are actually quite expensive compared to regular replacements that can often come in multiples alongside tool kits and other parts.


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