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How many timing belts do I have?

So recently in my 1987 GL wagon a belt on the drivers side snapped, it looks like its either 2 belts (one passanger and one driver passanger side belt is bigger) or its one giant belt. Could be a balance shaft belt? My friend tore it appart and sent pics so i havent seen it myself yet just trying to have all belts bought before i go work on it. Thank you in advance.

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@alyssaflores any chance to let us know what those pictures look like. Just post them with your question. Adding images to an existing question


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@alyssaflores your GL has a Boxer engine. Here is what the timing belt situation looks like

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It does have a Left Hand and a Right Hand belt. I am not sure what you are referring too when you say the "balance shaft belt". Hopefully you can identify by the pictures what you are looking for.

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That actually helps a lot thank you so much!


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