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Sony α NEX-3N is one of earliest E-Mount NEX(New E-mount eXperience) camera, released 20 February 2013

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Camera error on a Sony NEX F3

Getting a camera error every time, I take a picture.

I've changed the battery, SD card, reset the camera etc. etc. etc.

Not sure what else to do!

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@petekraak when exactly do you get the error. I wonder if this is a lens or a sensor issue.


I've changed batteries, SD cards, shutter on or off , lens on or off etc.

It still takes a one picture as u can view it after popping the battery out and then back in again, but can't keep doing that all day! :(

So how would u find out the shutter count on a NEX F3?


Camera has 36042 on shutter count


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This is usually a mechanical shutter failure, especially given the high click counts within the last 10 years or so. If it gets stuck at the photo point and errors out, it's almost always the shutter. If it continues with a lens cap on and no lens, the shutter is bad.

This isn't TOO unusual for entry level cameras tho. For example the a6100 and up are officially rated for ~250k+ clicks (300k on the full-frame bodies like the a7), whereas the a6000 may make it to 250k but it's probably a ~150-200k mech shutter. The lower end cameras almost always have 50-100k mech shutters to reduce cost, especially early cameras like the NEX bodies.

You almost certainly need a new shutter assembly.

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@petekraak when exactly do you get the error. I wonder if this is a lens or a sensor issue. Looking at the block diagram for the F3D (sorry I do not have a F3 only but I don't think the differences would be drastic), the control switch block connected to the same flex as the RTC battery. Try to check it, and replace the battery.

Block Image

Update (10/07/23)

@petekraak I always forget about those darn shutters. I keep thinking that there is an error message, that would be specific to a shutter error. Good thing our camera Guru @nick keeps his eyes open. Anyhow, here is the SM Sony NEX F3D Level 2 for the disassembly of a NEX-F3D/F3K/F3Y model which should be very similar to yours

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Literally how I got a cheap Sigma 16mm lens. Dead a6000, but the lens was fine. I kept the a6000 for parts since the dead shutter doesn't impact other parts. Sony uses it as a wildcard error, whereas Canon has an error if you see it, you know the camera is done (the main difference is Sony shuts down the camera; Canon lets you "reset" it more easily to get out of trouble but it doesn't change the fact the shutter is worn out). BUT if it fails once the shutter closes, it's very often that shutter. I sometimes wish Sony had that option like Canon where one can pull the battery and it forces it back since it still means new shutter or camera anyway.

I have sometimes tested it with a 2nd lens, but realistically if the OP doesn't have a second lens just removing it should be enough to do the test.


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