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Key fob reprogramming how?

How do you program a key fob to the car?

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Hyundai doesn't have a DIY procedure on a lot of their cars. You either need a 3rd party OBD key programmer or one of the scan tools that can do it from someone like Autel with high-level eOBD support to the immobilizer (which is where it gets done from). You're not paying $50 for this scanner either; it's an expensive option in most cases. That said, there are lower-priced tools that support key programming, but the OEM needs to allow immobilizer access for 3rd party OBD readers for it to work. If not, you have a problem similar to the issues the FCA Secure Gateway creates unless you own an FCA "blessed" 3rd party scan tool from someone like Autel.

Without an OBD scan tool (with immobilizer access*) you'll need to find a locksmith who will program customer-supplied blanks if you buy your own.
*For the ones without an immobilizer the Kia Boyz can steal in 1-2 minutes you can have a blank key done anywhere (remotes need to be done by a locksmith) but the immobilizer and keyless cars need to be programmed by a locksmith (or a can tool which can do it, which some mechanics who own the tool which can do it will sometimes program for you for a price if you don't have a nearby locksmith).

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