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Mod "unkown pkg1 version"

So, I'm using 4fir for my modded switch, it's basically modded software with a bunch of overclocking tools set up and I get the following error when i boot, which is the following, in order:

Unknown pkg1 version.

HOS version not supported!

Trying backup bootloader...

Found pkg1 ('20230906134551')

unknown pkg1 version.

HOS version not supported!

Failed to launch HOS!

Does anybody have any fixes? I'm just frustrated at this point.

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Yeah Ive had this problem too, i havent found a fix to solve it yet. However there is a way you can boot into it directly from hekate. Just use fusee.bin. Boot up hekate and press payloads and then press fusee.bin. You would have to install boot to hekate from the hb appstore to boot back into hekate unless you use tegrarcm again. Hopefully this helped!

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very good, this solution works very well, thanks!


i did this and got the message A fatal error occured when running fusee, very scary for 5 minutes but i want to know if theres a workaround?


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@max853 its a good Question but really not stuff that we deal with on this site. We are far more focused on the hardware aspect of repair instead of modding. I'd try redditor Github and see if anybody there has a solution.

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