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Repair guides and service information for the Philips Emerson CoughAssist CA-3000 and CA-3200.

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Emerson cough assist stopped working on inhale mode

Hi, we recently traveled on an airplane and my son’s Emerson cough assist CA-3000 and it was handled roughly, the inhale mode stopped working now. I can hear a click like it’s trying to operate but it doesn’t. Could something have just been knocked loose inside possibly? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike T

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Hi @michaelt27032

Here's the service guide that may help.

It shows how to replace the valve assembly and the valve actuator motor. Perhaps you could use the manual to check to see if there's a problem with either of them.

Here's the ifixit Philips Emerson CoughAssist CA Series Testing Procedure that may also help.

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