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The Samsung Galaxy A10s is an Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics, and was released in March of 2019.

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Wifi stopped working after I tampered with the insides of my phone


Recently I got my own repair kit to learn how to do mobile phone repairs. I have a Samsung A10s phone with a broken screen, so I figured that I'd try opening it up. I managed to get the back off, but I had trouble with the battery. I didn't use any alcohol or a heat gun (because I didn't know, I was very new to this) and I used a metal tool to try forcing the battery off. I think I may have been too rough with the phone and thus I broke some internal component. The internet connection on my phone no longer works. It connects to wifi and mobile data, but it cannot load any webpage. Bluetooth is also not working. The clock on my phone also got messed up as it displays a much earlier date and time. Any ideas on how I should go about fixing this?

Thank you.

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@tonotin973 these are cases where you will need the schematics as well as a component layout. Without those, you will not be able to determine which components have failed.

We will need to see which parts you damaged. Post some good pictures of your logic board with your QUESTION Adding images to an existing question You do realaize that you now will also have to learn micro-soldering.

Stuff like this happens when you first start off and it's a learning experience. We've all done it :-)

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Thanks for the reply. The only equipment I have right now is a precision screwdriver kit. Which other equipment do I need to safely disassemble phones and other electronics? I was thinking that a heat gun or alcohol is needed to remove adhesive but I am still not sure on the specifics. As for soldering, which soldering equipment should I get? I don't mind at all having to learn about micro-soldering.


@tonotin973 it does not matter what model you will work on, the basic tools are pretty much the same. Start off with a set like this. You will also need a hot air gun (no link since it will depend where you live) and a good work light as well as a magnifying source. So something like this will get you started. Do not forget to get a multimeter. That is a definite must have.

For the microsoldering my suggestion would be to get tools that you are comfortable with. Everybody has their own technique and does things a bit different. I have seen people do amazing repairs with a department store soldering iron and a wrapped around copper wire to create a J-tip. If you are planning on doing a lot of repairs, stick with brands that will be around for a while. Those are companies like Hakko and Weller, that way you have some parts and supply support for later on. I still use an inexpensive Aoyue rework station and separate soldering station. My advise, find the tools that work for you. Whatever brand you choose, I would suggest a soldering station, hot air rework station, Hot tweezers and definitely a magnifying source. The parts you do not want to take shortcuts on are the solder, solder paste and good flux.


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