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Professional audio equipment refers to high-quality sound devices and systems designed for use in professional settings, including recording studios, live sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and various other applications.

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mackie srm450 v2 keeps shutting down?

The amp in my Mackie srm 450 keeps shutting down. I cna power it back up by turning the power switch off then back on and it is fine for a little while then it does it again. Any ideas[to me it sounds like a relay]

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Hi @oliverconway,

According to p.8 of the user manual there's a red LED thermal indicator (Item #5) on the back panel.

Check if it is on when the amp turns off.

If it is then you may have to open it up and check what's getting hot or at least what's looking heat stressed etc.

Here's the schematic that may help.

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