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Why is only cold water coming out and no hot water

When my top loader GE washing machine is selected at warm or hot nothing but cold is despensed. Only every now and then will warm or hot come out. I've Checked the inlet screens, the hoses are on the correct way, water is turned on everything is great. We've even unplugged the machine and same thing. Only once and a while will warm or hot despense.

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Hi @ashley677

It could be a faulty hot water inlet solenoid valve.

You can test if the valve is electrically OK from the control board to the valve, by using the mini manual for the washer. Enter the diagnostic mode as shown in the manual and check the status lights when in knob position #5 hot water valve active. You can also disconnect the power and connect an Ohmmeter between the valve and the purple wire on terminal #2 of the 10 pin harness cable connector on the board and check that there's continuity in the wiring i.e. no loose connection between the valve and the control board.

If the valve is mechanically faulty then unfortunately they cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced. Also it comes as a complete module along with the cold water inlet valve so you cannot just buy the one valve. Search online for WH13X10053 to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a video that might help you to replace it.

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