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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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(R) Joy Cons R button Solder

Hello fellow repairers,

3 weeks ago, during a repair of a joystick I have accidentally broken off the R button which was only held on by solder. This was a major whoopsies for me so I want to make it right.

Block Image

This is where I want to get into soldering. Although I could buy a cheap soldering station and the replacement part, I saw many Youtube tutorials doing different things on how they actually solder the R button back. So I want to ask you guys if the padding on the R button has ripped off or not. If so, then what could I do?

I'd appreciate any feedback here!

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You might be in luck, it looks like you ripped off a single pad (shown in the pic), but that pad should be redundant. Buttons usually only need 2 electrical connections but this one appears to have 3, not sure why. You can follow the trace to see that the ripped off pad is connected to an intact one.

Block Image

If you're comfortable with soldering and can source the replacement button, it should be fixable. You may not even need to add solder, it looks like there's still a lot on the pads.

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Hey Chris, I appreciate the reply! This will be my first time soldering so I am going to watch a couple of tutorials to get comfortable with it. Assuming that I've soldered the button and the button does not react, do I have to link that pad somewhere? I've seen a couple of tutorials that seem to point to that direction but they all have varying methods and I don't know which one I should do.


@sopraitako The "pad" is a part of the printed circuit board's manufacturing process (green thing) and not something that can be purchased and replaced. If the connection were not redundant, the correct way to fix this would be to scrape off the coating from the trace where it is broken off and connect the exposed metal to the part with a thin wire. If you run into issues, you may need to connect the button pin with the broken pad to the one which is still intact, but I don't think that'll be an issue.


Chris, thanks for the input! I'll report any findings here during my soldering process.


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