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Iteration of the Windows 9x OS released in 1998.

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Old Windows 98 PC not reading CD-R

Hello all.

I just got an old windows 98 PC to play some older PC games on. I am trying to get some drivers installed on it as I just setup a fresh install of Windows 98 on it. I installed Quake and noticed that it had some really bad speedup issues. I decided to install some drivers on the PC since i figured it needed them. However, whenever i go to put in a new CD-R disc, Windows 98 won't recognize it. I tried creating a .txt file just to test it but it says I don't have permission to do so. I figured it might be a read only drive since a lot of them were back in the day. So I went to my modern PC and slapped the CD-R in there. As a test to see if it would just read the disc, I created the .txt file on the disc, ejected and stuck it back in the Windows 98 PC and it would just show up blank. I then tried inserting another untouched CD-R into the Windows 98 PC and it just sat there saying It's still trying to read the disc indefinitely.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I know the drive is good because I was able to install Quake. I've tried USB but it won't recognize any of my flash drives either. Probably because they are made for USB 2.0 and 3.0.

Any help is appreciated.

Also for those wondering this is a Dell Dimension 450 with a Pentium III.

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Depending on the drive in your Windows 98 machine, there's a small chance that it may not be able to read CD-R's. This page offers an explanation of the differences between different types of CD media. It's also worth confirming that the CD-R disks (they aren't CD-RW, right?) are good. Over time, optical media goes bad, and if these disks are decades old, they may no longer burn reliably. If you have spares, it may be worth a shot re-burning at the slowest possible speed and validating the burn afterwards.

For the flash drives, you may be able to get it working on the old machine if you make sure that it is the FAT32 file system. If you have an old and small USB 2.0 drive, that would probably be preferable to a large modern drive.

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