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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by GE, an engineering and technology company in the US.

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GE Appliances Washing Machine Wont Start Model: gtw485asj4ws

The machine's lights and dial function but nothing starts, I close the lid and it lights up the modes, but when I press start it chimes and proceeds to do nothing. I've gone into diagnostics mode, the error codes are empty and the only test that works is the lid lock test. It reads fine as I have previously replaced the part. How can I diagnose the problem? What could possibly prevent anything from running? It doesn't fill with water or even spin?

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Hi @christiansa9783

Just verifying that you performed the diagnostic tests as per the mini manual relevant to your model and there were no error codes?

I realize that you said that you previously replaced the lid lock and that it is the only test the works but there's a GE service bulletin HL03-18 for your model (as well as other GTW/HTW models) regarding in part, the cycle did not start problem which may be worth while looking at.

Also check the 13V and 5V voltage levels shown on the J615 and J302 connectors on the control board just to make sure that they're OK in case it is a board power problem

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