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patching cable but cannot use heatshrink tubing

I was planning to protect a peeled spot in my cable by sliding a heatshrink tube over the spot and heating it. However the cable has a 90° bend at the end where it plugs into the computer and this is preventing me from sliding the tube in (on the other end there’s a big square adapter so also impossible on that side). Any ideas on alternative ways to patch the spot?

The biggest tube I have is 1/2” which shrinks to 4mm. I think a bigger tube is not the answer as it wouldn’t shrink enough right?

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Hi @carlotremolada

Slice 2 pieces of heatshrink tubing that is slightly bigger than the cable, along the length of the amount of tubing that you need to use and then overlap them around the area of the cable that you wish to cover, so that the top tubing covers the open length of the tubing underneath i.e. cable completely covered and then heat them to shrink both onto the cable sheath.

Just what I'd try.

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Wow thank you so much I thought it wouldn’t work I don’t know why I assumed that. Thank you!


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