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Released in 2016, with Model number UN49KU6500FXZC

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Won’t turn on and back light flashing

We can’t turn the TV on, it just flashes if it’s plugged in and only stops if unplugged.

I tried changing the power board (I think that’s right) and then the next board on with all usb / hdmi plugs in it. Neither helped. But I’m wondering if maybe the replacement power board could be faulty (it didn’t look new). I’m not sure how I would know.

I’ve seen online it’s possibly the ambient light sensor but given I can’t see the screen I can’t try to turn it off.

Any ideas?


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Update (12/21/23)

Hi yes, it starts flashing as soon as you plug in.

I have tried both a “new” main and power board but the originals are back in now. Both were bought from Emos electronics Ltd which can be returned, but they don’t look to be new.

If I unplug the main board, it still flashes, but it is different.

Here are some videos of each

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@rogerphillips Do you have a multimeter we can test the voltages with?


Yes I do though not particularly skilled with it.


having same issue ue55ku6400


@geoffreyledger what have you checked?



@geoffreyledger I have same issue, have you fixed it bro?


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@rogerphillips You say that it turns on immediately when you plug it in and that you have replaced both, the main board (with all usb / hdmi plugs) and the power board. Let me know if this is correct. You need to let us know if these are new boards and if you checked anything else. The way your TV normal should turn on is that the power board supplies standby voltage to your main board. then you ruin it on (IR board) which tells the main board to send a signal to the power board to turn it on. Since yours comes on immediately, it could be an issue with the IR board or the panel itself, but this will only work if your boards are new (and of course are the right boards) You also need to check your cables to make sure they are all properly seated and not reversed or loose etc.

One of the tests that you should/could/must try is the backlight test. Disconnect the power cord from your TV. I assume that you still have the back cover off. Now disconnect the main board from the power board on the connector that is on the power board. Once done, plug the TV back in. Does the screen still do the same thing? If yes it is not the main board. If no check to see through the smaller holes in the back of the LCD panel. Can you see the backlights turn on? It is possible that this is a backlight array issue. Less likely since your TV should not come on when plugged in, but check anyway.

Block Image

Take some pictures of all of your boards as well as what the whole back side of your TV looks like. That way we can evaluate the cabling etc. Yes, at minimum you will need to get an multimeter. Even an inexpensive one will work for this.

Next, post your pictures with your question so we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question

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