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LIFEBOOK U938 The screen has vertical lines on it.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U938

The screen has vertical lines on it that appear as soon as you turn on.

The lines vary in quantity, thickness and darkness when you hinge the screen in different positions. Can any one help resolving?

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Hi @chrisb10260

Try connecting an external monitor (TV?) to the laptop's HDMI port and check what the display from the laptop is like on it. Don't forget to press the Fn + F10 keys (both together) to switch the display from the laptop screen, to the external monitor screen to both on together.

If the external display is OK it may be a problem with either the video cable between the motherboard and the laptop screen, the video cable connection at either end or the screen itself.

Changing the lines by moving the screen seems to indicate that video cable may be damaged where it passes through the hinge to get from the motherboard to the LCD panel in the lid.

Not sure re your model but leave the screen where it is and then press down on the left hand hinge a few times and check if the lines alter at all on the screen. If no difference try the right hinge.

If still no good you may have to open the laptop and check the video cable connections (at either end, motherboard and LCD panel) and if they seem OK it may be the LCD panel itself.

Once you have determined what the most likely problem is and if parts need replacing here's a link to a parts list that is useful.

Search through the list to find the wanted part e.g. cable LCD touch (or non touch), or LCD panel touch (or non touch) etc depending on what you have and then search online using the part number only found to the left of the part in the list to find suppliers that suit you best.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a screen replacement guide or even a full teardown video for your model but here are two videos that may help.

This video shows how to access the motherboard so that the video cable connection there can be checked.

This video shows how to replace the LCD panel. I realize that it is not for your model but hopefully it still may be close enough to be of some help.

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